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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Document No: RİH_MRK.PK 004      Release Date: 09.01.2018

We at Rönesans Facility Management Company and Consultancy Co. Inc. are committed to prevent any harm to our employees who are at the forefront of our operations, to our stakeholders and anyone we interact with. This is why Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is one of the core values of our corporate culture.

Our staff, starting from the top management level, agrees and commits to the following guiding principles and supports Rönesans Facility Management Company;

  • To work with executives who set an example in and adopt safety at work,
  • To adopt a management model based on continuous improvement,
  • To allocate the required funds (human, equipment, budget),
  • To support and reward good practices,
  • To focus on work safety right from the planning and design phase and make it an integral part of the way we conduct business,
  • To meet all applicable legal and other requirements of the IFC, EBRD, SEP, ESMP, ESAP, ESIA including IFC General ISG Principles,
  • To create a safe environment for all our stakeholders,
  • To plan for potential emergencies and take appropriate actions,
  • To adopt safe working methods to avoid work accidents, injuries, occupational diseases, and any harm to people,
  • To identify and eliminate or mitigate potential threats and risks,
  • To clearly communicate our established targets to all staff members, contractors, and business partners,
  • To identify OHS training opportunities and provide training to our staff,
  • To collect feedback on occupational health and safety from staff,
  • To adopt safe practices in workplace and provide safe equipment / tools,
  • To involve our sub-contractors in our processes and monitor their performance,
  • To conduct periodic compliance audits,
  • To monitor our performance against our targets,
  • To spread out best practices and lessons learned to all our activities.

We are committed to apply this policy to all our operations and continuously monitor our performance to achieve ongoing improvements.

Atilla Kemal SAĞLAM