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Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy

Document No: RİH_MRK.PK 003      Release Date: 09.01.2018    

As an affiliate of Rönesans Holding, a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we apply Environmental and Social Sustainability principles to all projects we are part of and thus, have a positive influence on the community and environment and protect human welfare, nature, and our cultural heritage. Our approach centered around ‘people, environment, and economy’ lies at the heart of all our operations. We believe that this philosophy contributes positively to the environment and social life and at the same time, provides long-term economic benefits to generations to come.

At all operational levels, Environmental and Social Sustainability lies at the heart of the Rönesans culture. Following this line of thought, we at Rönesans Facility Management Company design our management system and our processes in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards.

We at Rönesans Facility Management Company set targets for all our major activities to continuously improve the performance of our Environmental and Social Management System and thus, conduct a performance review based on our environmental and social responsibility guidelines.

We, at Rönesans Facility Management Company, are committed to;

  • Creating an environmental awareness among the local communities we carry out our operations and among our staff,
  • Empowering women in the business world and offering equal opportunities,
  • Offering transparent reports on our sustainability strategies, goals, and realizations,
  • Taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in our operations,
  • Developing systems to minimize our impact on water, terrain, and soil quality,
  • Creating complaint mechanisms in the regions we carry out our operations to address the opinions and complaints of the local community on environment and social issues,
  • Selecting the materials, services, and similar inputs for all our projects by evaluating their life cycles,
  • Designing effective waste management plans to encourage recycling of waste generated,
  • Proving training on our environmental and social responsibilities to our employees.

We are committed to monitor the implementation of our Environmental and Social Management System in all our activities to ensure ongoing compliance with this policy.

Atilla Kemal SAĞLAM