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TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) Preparation Services

We prepare ready-to-use IV feeding solutions that contain the macro- and micronutrients required for patients with no oral intake and premature babies.

The solutions are prepared in Class 100 clean rooms equipped with Hepa filters and hygienic stations to keep the particulate count at a minimum, where pressure, temperature, and temperature are continuously monitored and adjusted.

In the clean room, macro- and micronutrient-containing solutions are prepared in multi-channel fully-automated compounders and filled into delivery systems without human touch.

The Compounder has micro- and macro-filling capabilities and allows filling in volumes as low as 0.1-0.2 ml. During the filling process based on volumetric principles, the results are analyzed using gravimetric methods and triple-validated.

Doctor’s electronic order is received automatically by the Compounder via the HIS and the filling is completed without human involvement. The device detects the amount of individual solutions automatically during the filling process and can generate reports related to filling accuracy, patient information, and product use, etc.