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Chemotherapy Preparation Services

As part of our Chemotherapy Preparation Services, antineoplastic agents are prepared in a sterile environment using automated systems that eliminate the risk to people and environment.

In the treatment of cancer, there are many factors that increase the risk of medication errors. It is, however, possible to minimize those risks by preparing chemotherapy agents in a sterile environment (clean room), using automated systems, in such a way to avoid contamination with these agents.

At our chemotherapy preparation unit, measurement and validation steps before and after each procedure ensure that the prepared chemotherapy solution has the appropriate dose and quality.

Doctor orders are transferred to the filling unit via the HIS and following an appropriateness review, the system detects the order automatically and compounds the ordered medication.

Using fully-automated systems for chemotherapy preparation;

  • Improves the product quality,
  • Introduces multiple checkpoints during preparation,
  • Offers advanced reporting and analysis capabilities for the prepared doses,
  • Minimizes human error and boosts staff and environmental safety to maximum level.