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Other Medical Equipment Support Services

As part of Other Medical Equipment Services, we carry out functional and performance tests, preventive maintenance and calibration of medical equipment at international standards, educate and train the users and thus, make sure they are used safely and reliably.

  • Maintenance Services
  • Test and Calibration Services
  • Inventory/Stock Management
  • Consultancy Services
  • Required User Training

In the category of Other Medical Device Support Services, we are involved in the following activities;

  • Minimizing the harm caused by medical device malfunctions and outages
  • Maintaining the legally required standards for medical equipment
  • Providing preventive maintenance and repair services
  • Monitoring the performance of devices in the electronic environment and reporting
  • Overseeing warranties and stock management
  • Supervising and monitoring the safety of electrical equipment
  • Monitoring the calibration status
  • Overseeing and ensuring that legal and standard requirements are met
  • Spare part and technical supplies management
  • Supplier/vendor management
  • Technical consultancy and guidance in medical engineering, medical maintenance, and other related medical areas
  • Instilling a culture of safety and introducing and implementing the methods of medical device management
  • Compliance with intellectual and patent rights when delivering services