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HIS Implementation and Operation Services

HIS forms the central nervous system of a hospital and provides continuous, real-time traceability and manageability while ensuring data safety.

Mobile apps and support units facilitate the delivery of our services in a timely manner.

As part of the HIS implementation and operation services delivered at our hospitals, a redundant Data Center and architecture has been created that complements the network, server, and data storage infrastructure and serves to collect and store data and ensures the critical work continuity.

The Data Centers set up at our hospitals ensure active, integrated and around-the-clock service delivery with infrastructural arrangements and applications that are implemented. In this context, data storage is complete, safe, and uninterrupted and provides fast access to correct data using a safe data source.

Many integrated digital systems including bedside patient monitors, facility automation, medical technologies, energy solutions and automation, lighting, communication, audio and video, multimedia, hospital information system (HIS) ensure safety, accessibility, and accuracy of hospital system data and provide online connections with other organizations.

Single-point integration of all hospital systems on the same platform makes sure that the Data Centers work efficiently at full capacity with no data losses. In addition, our digital hospitals are fully integrated with e-health and e-government gateways.