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Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services offer a unified communications port to ensure that services are provided 24/7 with no interruptions and in due course.

Services provided by the Help Desk include;

  • Recording, Monitoring, and Reporting of Service Requests
  • Calculating and Reporting of Service/Utilization Points and Costs
  • Reporting
  • Inventory and Preventive Maintenance Management

Recording, Monitoring, and Reporting of Service Requests

Any hospital staff member may contact us via the Internet or phone to make a service request. Reports received by the Central Help Desk are managed as service requests. The Central Help Desk records any information related to the service request, including the person who made the request, its subject, date of the request and resolution, relay time to the involved department, turnaround time, and current status of the service request.

The current status of the request, the person in charge of resolving the request, estimated time to resolution can be followed from the Central help Desk web portal.

Calculating and Reporting the Service/Utilization Points and Costs

For the services provided and service requests that are not resolved within the defined timeframes, performance-based progress and penalty points are calculated and reported.


Another service provided by the Central Help Desk involves monitoring the current and past performance of staff and generating performance measurement reports, detailed reports, and financial reports among others.

Inventory and Preventive Maintenance Management

“The Central Help Desk monitors the Facility and Estate, Furniture and Medical devices/equipment using active/passive RFID systems, takes their inventory and keeps track of current data on such equipment.

Scheduled and preventive maintenance of such devices/equipment are documented to create a traceable and reportable architecture.