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Building and Land Services

As part of our Building and Land Services, our expert teams provide preventive maintenance and repair services for the structural elements, electromechanical systems, and various equipment in the facility.

  • Corrective Maintenance: Rönesans Facility Management Company provides corrective maintenance services to respond to and repair failing equipment.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Systems or equipment is maintained periodically to avoid failures and replace parts and components with a defined lifespan to ensure system continuity.
  • Predictive Maintenance: In addition to preventive maintenance, critical systems or equipment are monitored continuously for signals that may indicate a potential future failure and a response is triggered to ensure process continuity. This type of maintenance is provided to all critical systems by Rönesans Facility Management Company.
  • Periodic Maintenance: This maintenance system has the widest applications at our organizations. Following procedures and an annual plan, which may be updated based on emerging needs by our experts, all systems are checked periodically. This approach helps to minimize potential downtimes.

At all facilities included in our scope of services, globally recognized systematics, specialized suppliers and services along with service providers and consultants with extensive expertise in their respective fields are recruited to continuously monitor, control, and improve our service quality with the ultimate goal of maximum sustainability.