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Common Services Management Services

As part of our Common Services Management Services, ecologically friendly and sustainable services are provided around-the-clock to ensure most efficient use of utilities including electricity, gas, fuel, water, sewage, rain water and communication with minimum resource mobilization.

Appropriate measures are taken at the design stage and necessary installations are completed to ensure service continuity. Systems with necessary redundancies are continuously controlled to ensure service continuity based on their original design parameters.

Power generators that supply the energy needs of the hospital in case of power outage are monitored in real-time using the SCADA system to make sure the generators kick in with minimum delay. Operating theatres, ER units, and specialized areas are connected to a UPS system to ensure uninterrupted supply of the necessary power.

An established communication network with suppliers provides information on scheduled power outages to enable the organizations to introduce preemptive precautions. Back-up systems kick in in case of unscheduled outages to protect the organization from potential adverse effects while the suppliers are contacted to obtain information for a prediction of the scale and duration of the outage. Based on our analysis and information received, supply of fuel and water along with the main grid is organized in collaboration with the employer to avoid an interruption in the operations of the facility.