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Ground and Garden Maintenance Services

As part of Ground and Garden Maintenance Services, a functional, natural, and esthetic landscape for patients, families, and staff that also provides uninterrupted access to disabled individuals and children is created at the campus.

Expert teams periodically maintain and repair botanical areas, roads, and pavements to create a healthy working and living environment. The teams take appropriate actions to provide unimpeded access for disabled individuals. Botanical areas are redesigned according to season to create an evergreen environment.

The hospital environment is treated with special solutions and equipment to remove any snow during winter months to provide unimpeded access to the hospital with support from local authorities that are called in using an established communication network if needed.

If necessary, support from furnishing services is obtained for the maintenance of furniture in outdoor spaces and from Facility and Estate Services for outdoor illumination. Coordinated operation between these services creates a staffing pool and improves productivity of staff.