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Patient Referral, Companionship, Reception and Transportation Services

As part of Patient Referral, Companionship, Reception and Transportation Services, any needs of patients, families, and visitors are met with a professional and friendly service approach that respects patient rights and privacy.

  • Patients who present to our hospitals are received by Patient Referral staff and directed to the related service/clinic.
  • Our staff accompanies disabled, elderly, unattended, dependent (stretcher, wheelchair, crutch, etc.) patients until the end of service delivery.
  • Any necessary support is provided to patients, families, and visitors to improve their experience within the hospital premises.

Reception Services

Serving as the first point of contact with the healthcare organization, comprehensive Reception Services that also include related telecommunication services are provided around-the-clock.

  • Telecommunication Services;
    • Dedicated service equipment and maintenance for reception services not included in the scope of facility and estate services
    • Administrative services
    • Patient direction/referral services
    • Telephones including collect calls
    • Pagers
    • Wide-area pagers
    • Voicemail video-conference, telecommuting etc.
    • Facsimile
    • Professional mobile radio (PMR)
  • Operator services (call-center services)
  • Administrative services

Reception Services include;

  • Polite and courteous service delivery to all patients, families, and visitors
  • Providing guidance to all patients, families, and visitors at the reception desk and provide other related information
  • Providing information about the identities and working areas of key administrative staff
  • Responding to all inquiries immediately and offer the help and assistance visitors seek
  • Respecting patient rights and privacy adopting a professional and confidential approach
  • Treating all patients, visitors, and staff with kindness and respect
  • Registering visitors following the directives of the hospital administration and assigning ID badges in required areas
  • Creating a highly motivated and customer-centered team
  • Being flexible and adaptive to change
  • Offering telecommunication services
  • Having a complete set of materials and service equipment necessary for reception / operator services and make sure these are maintained and repaired as needed

Transportation Services

An integrated and high-quality patient and material transportation, support, and distribution service that aims to ensure continuity in the main activities of the organization is provided as part of a timely, fast, and scheduled system.

Transportation services include;

  • Patient transportation
  • Transportation of expired patients and morgue procedures
  • Transport of samples, specimen, and pathology specimen
  • Distribution of stationary supplies to offices and departments
  • Transportation of equipment and furniture
  • Postal services
  • Transport of cylinders that are part of medical gas services
  • Support in emergencies and disaster response
  • Moving units or departments in the healthcare facility to other locations