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Food Services

Our expert chefs provide Food Services based on the dietary needs of our patients, families, and staff following food safety standards under appropriate hygienic conditions.

Food services include;

  • Patient dietary services (regular and special diets)
  • Staff and patient family dietary services
  • Catering for guests
  • Food and drink services for visitors
  • Dispensing machine services

We provide catering services that include supply, storage, preparation, production, dispensing, and collection of food, using cutting-edge technology and follow current standards on food safety, quality, and hygiene with special emphasis on patient, family, and staff satisfaction.

Production and dispensing kitchen and dining halls/cafeterias are carefully designed by experienced teams from the project stage using state-of-the-art technology in all related processes.

Kitchens at our healthcare facilities have a hybrid design that provides for cook-and-chill and cook-and-serve type of food production.

Patient diet is portioned automatically on portioning conveyors and served to patient rooms in temperature-controlled heated-chilled food carts which are wirelessly monitored.

The “patient diet verification system” used for inpatients makes sure that each patient gets the right type of diet based on his/her nutritional needs at the right time. This system avoids potential risks that may jeopardize patient safety and provides timely and safe dietary services to all patients.