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Laundry and Laundry Room Services

As part of our Laundry and Laundry Room Services; collection, washing, pressing, and dispensing of textiles is carried out under hygienic conditions following infection control guidelines.

RFID tags are used to identify textiles the moment they are purchased and to monitor qualitative and quantitative data, life cycle, and physical location. Department-specific identification, determining use frequency, preventing unauthorized egress from the organization, facilitating physical inventory are among the many benefits provided by this effective stock management system that also helps to reduce textile-related costs.

Laundry and Laundry Room Services include;

  • Storage of clean linen
  • Separation and collection of used / soiled linen
  • Laundry services (washing, drying, pressing, packaging, distribution, etc.)
  • Storage of hospital linen
  • Staff uniform services
  • Repair and replacement services

Laundries at healthcare facilities are designed at project stage with special emphasis on preventing cross-contamination between clean linen, stained/soiled/infectious linen and set up accordingly.

Any used or infectious linen is washed in washing machines with automatic dosing and fully automated hygienic barriers that are dedicated to cleaning of infectious and regular linen in areas, which are physically separated from each other.

Pressing and drying takes place in dedicated areas equipped with state-of-the-art cylinder ironers and complete dryers.

Chips implanted to all textile items enable monitoring using the RFID system that keeps electronic records of the type, quantity, and washing cycles.