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Security Services

Equipped with technological systems the trained staff of our Security Services creates a safe environment in the healthcare campus for patients, families, visitors, and staff.

Security services at our healthcare facilities are available 24/7 to provide comfort and safety for patients, families, visitors, and staff, to regulate the traffic when needed, to direct the people in the facility, to protect the storage areas for fixed assets and consumables and other areas of the facility, and to prevent harm to people and property by malicious individuals in accordance with the Private Security Services Act No: 5188 and other applicable laws and regulations.

Security services include;

  • Review of the credentials and training of the security staff
  • Responding to security breaches
  • Patrolling
  • Special security for high-risk areas/departments
  • Monitoring and surveillance systems (CCTV) and safety lighting
  • Escort duties
  • Response to emergencies and disasters
  • Access control
  • Incident reporting
  • Prevention of crime
  • Lost and found items