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Waste Management Services

Waste Management Services that meet the requirements of national and international standards aim to eliminate waste-related risks at our hospitals and protect human health and the environment and involve the collection of waste in safe internal storage areas and their separation, processing, transfer to final destination, and disposal.

This service is provided following an effective and timely process and meets the applicable Waste Management Regulations related to operational and environmental elements in the hospital.

Comprehensive waste management services are provided around-the-clock without interruption and include;

  • Medical waste
  • The following Hazardous and Radioactive Waste subject to requirements of applicable laws and regulations;
    • Medication waste (including cytotoxic waste)
    • Toxic waste
    • Radioactive waste
  • Hidden waste
  • The following types of domestic waste subject to requirements of the related laws and regulations
    • Waste generated in the garden, facility, and from repair and maintenance activities
    • Paper and cardboard
    • Ash
    • Glass
    • Food
  • Packaging waste (eligible for recycling)